DIY Wall Hanging





– 2 Different sized rings
– 2 Different colors of yarn (or as many as you want)
– Scissors






Hey, Y’all so I recently wanted to add more wall decor to my room because honestly, it was looking a little plain. As always I was on Pinterest and came across a ton of cute wall hangings so I decided to make my own! They’re so fun to make and so simple!


–  Cut all your yarn pieces a medium length for the smaller ring and longer length for the bigger ring.

– Wrap each piece around until they are all around the ring.

– Cut the pieces into a diagonal direction

– To attach the two rings together wrap a piece of yarn just how we have been doing but make sure it is wrapped around both rings.

-Then create a knot at the top to form a loop so it is able to be hung.

-Lastly, you can add or knot some pieces to give your wall hanging more texture.



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