The Tea On Joining A Sorority

Hey babes! This past fall I joined Zeta Tau Alpha and before that, I had so many questions and assumptions on what is sorority life. So I want to share my experience so far and what I think of it.


So I've never been a very social person and growing up I was usually very shy. As I grew up I kinda grew out of it... a small part of me thought I wouldn't like or enjoy being in a sorority but it looked so fun and cool in the movies and from what I saw from other people. First, of its nothing like the stereotypes you see in the movies, it's 10x better. I went through recruitment V nervous especially since I was going through it alone. None of my friends were going through recruitment so yeah I was nervous to be with a bunch of people I didn't know its a very overwhelming process. I showed up the first day and went to my rho gamma group which was a little intimating at first but I got to know everyone and it was nice having a group you always went back to. During recruitment, I tried to not stress myself and I went in with an open mind for every sorority. For me, it was a fun experience the only CON I have is the days were very long and I was so exhausted. I ended up joining Zeta Tau Alpha. I was excited but I'm not going to lie a little nervous because of rumors and stereotypes I've heard about.. which I found hard to believe and not true because on perf night it didn't seem the way I thought/heard it was! Which is also why you should keep an open mind and go with your gut. Bid day was AMAZING we had such a great time with everyone and I'm not going to lie it was a little weird running to a bunch of girls you don't know but it was exciting because you are all in the same organization and have the same values. I feel that even if you think sorority life isn't for you, you should still go through recruitment and get a feel for it because I learned so much more about sorority life when I went through recruitment and loved it even more.


So far my experience with being in a sorority has been pretty good and I love it! You definitely get more involved and meet so many new people along the way. You get so many opportunities within Greek life which are great! The philanthropy events are so fun and everyone is brought together to raise money for your philanthropy definitely one of my fav things. All the people I've met have been amazing and of course, you're probably also wondering about the drama that goes on and to be honest, there's no tea but every sorority is going to have a stereotype and drama no matter if its a top sorority or not and that's just the truth about it. The best advice I could give is to be true to yourself and stay out of it. It's probably not going to matter a year or two from now so it's not worth getting all worked up about. On the other hand, even though it can be all fun and games they do care a lot about your GPA so I look at it as a motivation to do good in school.
Going through big/little was a rush of emotions and SOO fun. I loved finding out who my big was and always having someone there for you that you can go to no matter what. Luckily my big was actually by bid day buddy and she prefed me!!
Throughout the semester everyone gets caught up with there own things like school work, work, and so on. So chapter became one of my favorite things because everyone gets back together and you can get all caught up with the people you don't talk to all the time. At first, I didn't know how I was going to feel about being in a sorority but it turned out to be the best thing ever and I'm so glad to be apart of a group that uplifts each other and is always supporting each other.


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