M A S K   OF   M A G N A M I N T Y

This is one of my favorite masks when I want a srub like feel. It really gets rid of your dead skin and leaves your face feeling very soft and clean. You can also use it on your body but I normally just use it on my face. I use this mask 1-2 times per week. I like to use this one after a long day of wearing a full face of makeup or after traveling I like to put this on to get rid of everything and get a clean fresh canvas.   

R O S E    F A C E    M A S K

Omg. This one. Its one of my favorites when my skin needs a little bit of extra hydration and I want to even out my skin tone. It has real rose petals in it which makes it smell really good and it feels nice on your skin. Every time I use this one my skin always feels hydrated and healthy. HIGHLY recommend this one. I LUV IT!


I LOVE a good peel mask. I don’t know about you guys but I hate washing my face in the sink because water gets everywhere it drips down your arms and I literally just highly dislike it but I started using peel masks when I want just an easy mask and I love them! This one I got from Ulta it’s very inexpensive and I love using it 3x a week in the mornings for a morning quick glow.


ANOTHER of my favorite easy peel mask. This one is the same brand but its a charcoal detox peel mask. One of my favorites to do at night or when I really need to detoxify my face. I also like to do this one close to when its that time of the month it has helped me reduce my breakouts around that time! I normally will focus this mask on the t -zone of my face. 


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