Why I Jade Roll

Why you should Jade Roll :

★ Jade rolling comes with tons of amazing benefits and it's so important in my skin routine that I wanted to share with you guys what it does and all the benefits that come with it. Using a jade roller will increase circulation and blood flow which will give you a natural glow to your skin. Jade rolling is like an at-home facial it helps with cooling and calming of the skin and is good to even out your skin tone. This will also cause lymphatic drainage and collagen production. Also, if you want a more relaxing feeling keep your jade roller in the freezer so it is cold when you are going to use it and it helps reduce swelling and shrink pores.

How to :

★ You want to start by cleansing your face and making sure it is clean and ready to go. Begin by applying a serum to your face, that way when you are jade rolling it doesn't tug on your skin and cause damage.
★ I like to begin with my neck and working up towards your jawline using the large oval side. I do this on each side around 5-8 times.
★ Starting in the middle of your chin move towards your ear and repeat a couple of times on each side.
★Moving to the forehead start in the middle and move towards your temples. Repeat each side 3-5 times. Then move the jade roller across your forehead and repeat 3-5 times.
★Moving onto the smaller jade ball use this for under your eyes and start in the corner and move outward towards your brow bone and repeat this on each side around 7-10 times.

XO + have fun jade rolling babes



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